A few festive favourites…

Buying Christmas books is a highlight of any year for me and I love finding books that may not be the most well known or popular choice. Here are just a small selection of festive favourites in our home.

Sophie’s very sophisticated and eccentric Aunt disappears around Christmas to work in the family business. Sophie stows away one year to learn a bit more about this mysterious Aunt. A huge discovery awaits Sophie along with a secret to be kept. A slightly longer story balanced with stunning illustrations will keep readers entranced.

Olive, a young dog, is listening to the radio when she hears her name. A case of mistaken song lyrics leads Olive on a wild adventure to find Santa and help to lead his sleigh on Christmas, not realising just how helpful she will be. The illustrations in this are brilliant and bold!

Daddy Moose works hard to get ready for Christmas but he has forgotten one key part of the Christmas celebration…can he and his family still have a great Christmas? Read this to find out their clever substitution for the missing part of Christmas! Hilarious and fun for all ages.

This is a brilliant read aloud! As you read along you discover a very busy home in which beds are in short supply. As new people arrive at the house, they are all given a resting place and there are some funny ones. When we read, we try to remember where everyone was sleeping as Santa arrives. A truly lovely addition to our festive faves.

Just how did a reindeer come to lead Santa’s sleigh? Dasher, a young doe, escapes life with the travelling circus and follows the North Star to a snowy and cold tundra. Once there a man in a red suit is in need of some assistance. A truly evocative and magical Christmas story.

I love the illustrations in this along with the rhyming text as a family finds the perfect tree and it sets the stage for all their Christmas celebrations. From finding the decorations, inviting friends over and turning on the twinkling lights, this book lays out the traditions of decorating a tree!

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