The Dragon and Her Boy by Penny Chrimes

Written by Penny Chrimes, Illustrated by Levente Szabo, Publishing February 2021 by Orion Children’s Books

Tiger Heart was a complete masterpiece, and one of my all time favourites, but I feel this may even top that one.

Tiger Heart introduced us to Fly, Stick and the rest of the gutterlings of London. A tough life, close to starvation and no one to care for them. Leaning and relying on each other was something they excelled at.

In this tale, we meet Stick, Spud and Sparrow during a heatwave in the city. Many are saying the devil has come for his reckoning, “Old Scratch is blowing on his coals, down there”.

When Spud and Sparrow disappear after a familiar face surprises Stick, he knows he has to face his fears and his past to right the wrongs.

What he doesn’t expect is to find a dragon living and breathing under the streets of London. Stick’s ability to understand her, though he is not a true knight, confounds then both but when guns are fired down at them, a truce is formed while they make their escape.

Their paths are inexorably linked by the familiar beetroot red face of Stick’s past. Finding their way to the country side, there is danger and a past full of horrors to come to terms with.

Unbeknownst to Stick, his gang of gutterlings has gotten themselves wrapped up in the same story and relying on and leaning against each others becomes even more important and necessary.

A touching tale of bravery, friendship and being a true knight! “If my memory serves me correctly, it is traditionally only a knight that can talk to a dragon. And only a knight that can slay a dragon. A true knight, who is pure of heart.”

I loved every page and Stick is the selfless hero of legends. Perhaps a true Knight himself!

Read Tiger Heart and then this…I promise you will not regret it!

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