The Violet Veil Mysteries, A Case of Grave Danger by Sophie Cleverly

Written by Sophie Cleverly, Illustrated by Hannah Peck, Publishing January 2021 by Harper Collins Children’s Books

Violet Veil is more than just a girl, a daughter, someone to embroider, clean and stay quiet. She is a force to be reckoned with and when a hint of murder falls into her hands, she is determined to solve the case.

Being the daughter of an undertaker and living in a cemetery, Violet knows she has nothing to fear from the dead. At times they offer her warmth, welcome and words. Being overly familiar with the workings of the funeral parlour, even Violet is surprised to find a coffin empty late one evening.

Here begins the tale of Oliver and the hunt for a murderer! A plot that takes off quickly, features plenty of twists, turns and dangerous moments is one to be relished. Sophie Cleverly has created a true mystery, one the reader needs to closely follow. Clues are laid out but not always to be believed.

When someone is falsely accused, Violet becomes ever more determined to find the answers. Working with Oliver and the incredibly smart dog, Bones, the pieces begin to fall into place.

Violet Veil is fabulously feisty, determined and absolutely sure she has more to offer the world than just being a girl. I love that she sets out to prove herself time and time again, forcing men, and her family, to begin taking her seriously. She has a long road ahead but has made some brilliant first steps!

I hope there will be more to come from Violet as she pursues her goal of being listened to, respected and “Consulting Detective”! “I was going to change how the world saw me”. With one mystery at a time!

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