Morgana Mage in the Robotic Age by Amy Bond

Written by Amy Bond, Cover by Nan Lawson, Publishing January 2021

Morgana lives in the forest with her family, friends and neighbours. They are all witches and the children learn magic as they grow older. Morgana has never shown a true ability with magic- she is unable to fly, struggles to move objects and is despaired of by the whole community. Morgana yearns for schooling, an understanding of technology and answers to her many questions about the world around her.

On an afternoon spent in the city with her Dad, Morgana encounters the dislike of witches and magical folk within the city streets. Finding her courage, she makes the bold decision to begin school in the city and effectively turns her back on the magical community.

Life is not easy at school and Morgana is an immediate outcast- now she has no friends in school or at home and feels bereft. When she finally makes a friend and begins to learn about technology, she finds that she has an aptitude for robotics.

This aptitude will be cause for concern as the story unfolds and Morgana is faced with some bold decisions.

An enchanting tale and one I adored from the beginning. Morgana is likeable, and like most people, is searching for her talent and the place where she belongs. This story of friendship, discovery and magic will delight and enchant readers.

Blog tour and giveaway coming soon!

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