Agent Weasel by Nick East

Written and Illustrated by Nick East, Published by Hachette Children’s

I have always been drawn to highly illustrated chapter books. I love the full, plot driven story accompanied by the thoughtful and exceptional illustrations that highlight the tale.

When Agent Weasel was first introduced, I became an immediate fan. The series is perfect for readers finding their confidence with chapter books and with mysteries that need solving. There is a warmth in these stories but also moments of complete humour and audacity from the characters.

In Agent Weasel and the Fiendish Fox Gang we meet, “renowned WI6 super-spy” and his co-adventurer Doorkins. Doorkins is rather like a side-kick but with Agent Weasel, Doorkins needs to be so much more.

With the Fiendish Fox Gang wreaking havoc in the United Woodlands, it comes down to Agent Weasel and Doorkins to learn more and put a stop to the trouble. Agent Weasel is a fantastic character who seems to get completely caught up in his job (quite literally) yet manages to save the day- just!

The second in the series finds Agent Weasel on the hunt for missing athletes ahead of The Winter Whopper Games. In order to save the day, chaos must ensue as Agent Weasel leads the team to find the culprit. With plenty of antics and action, this will excite readers to the end and to the final scenes!

I am completely delighted to have the third Agent Weasel book to entertain me ahead of publication next week! Agent Weasel is celebrating the arrival of Spring with a BBQ hosted by Doorkins but it is rudely interrupted by some underwater exploits. Trouble is brewing again in the United Woodlands and it is bigger than ever- floods, threatening notes about a Robber King and missing biscuits.

I guarantee laughs, shakes of the head at Agent Weasel and uncertainty over his ability to solve the cases…perfect for budding sleuths and those who enjoy the illustrations as much as the story!

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