Space Oddity by Christopher Edge

Written by Christopher Edge, Illustrated by Ben Mantle, Publishing 7 January by Chicken House Books

When one of your favourite authors has a new book coming out, you immediately bump it to the top of the reading pile. I knew it would be spectacular and I was not wrong! Reading this book prompted me to re-listen to the sounds of David Bowie and his infamous Space Oddity song, from which this book is linked.

Hearing this song, Ion from Proxima b, breaks Cosmic law by infiltrating the Earth’s atmosphere. Landing and immediately being on the run, his life is in danger. With him, surviving the crash, is the Quintessence. This will ensure he becomes human to evade capture. What it does not do is prevent him from falling in love and becoming a parent.

Jake is unaware of his father’s alien status- only knowing for certain how embarrassing his Dad is. From allergic reactions turning his skin green, to ultra bouncy moves and a complete misunderstanding with a plastic bag, Ion Jones is certainly not your normal, every day Dad.

Jake is utterly despondent and says things he will later regret…especially when his Dad is re-captured by the Cosmic Alliance, moments after his secret is shared! Jake knows he has been wrong and must make things right- firstly by rescuing his Dad!

This intergalactic adventure is superbly written by expert Christopher Edge, and is perfect for 7+ readers. Friendship, fun and family are important above all else!

Easy to read, with funny laugh out loud moments and groaning embarrassing parent alert moments, this will keep children entranced and excited about the possibility of other life, planets and galaxies beyond our own. Those embarrassing parental moments can all be chalked up to their alien status right???

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