The Ocean Squid Explorer’s Club by Alex Bell

I could not be more excited to see the return of the explorer clubs!

Welcome to the stuffy old men’s clubs full of snooty explorers, archaic rules and trophies hung on walls. I can imagine the smell of pipe smoke, the sound of explorer robes swishing and the challenge of young explorers pushing the boundaries! Young female explorers!!!

Stella has set the bar high on all future explorers coming after her, and Ursula Jellyfin is determined to reach it. A new band of explorers is thrown into a mission when The Ocean Squid Explorers Club is stolen by Scarlet Sauvage. Ursula rescues a submarine just as the club disappears into one of Scarlet’s snow globes, and there are a few people on board. Her secret is now out and the first test she must face as an explorer is that of meeting her new crew and the fate the determine for her!

All children, Jai and Genie are twins, and Max the robotics specialist all happened to be on board when the club disappeared. Contacting the other clubs, the children are ordered to surrender themselves. However, the fun would end there of they listened to rules, instructions and orders.

This foursome set a path through the most dangerous unexplored territory on earth….the ocean. They must be ready to face monsters, pirates and untold dangers as they discover new places on the map. Their journey will not be smooth and boring- it is exciting, thrilling and challenging.

This begins the journey of the crew onboard The Blowfish! It is a story of bravery, friendship and breaking the barriers of ancient held traditions. Mistakes will be made and alliances formed, all in the name of The Ocean Squid Explorers’ Club.

You won’t want to miss this expedition!

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