Brilliant Barrington Stoke Titles

I am in awe of this publisher and the incredible books they are renowned for. With hugely popular authors penning stories for them, they are making books more accessible for all children.

These last few months have seen some fabulous books published…here is a small selection!

An unabridged classic as many of us will know and have strong opinions on…now printed in an accessible manner for younger readers, this book will appeal to readers in upper KS2 and KS3. I had forgotten just how the story unfolded but I was quickly reminded of the dictatorship of the pigs, their justice and the demise of the farm. “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others…”. This book prompts plenty of opinionated debate and I would love to see how a younger reader interprets this tale. Barrington Stoke are making the classics accessible for all and I couldn’t be more impressed!
When the Queen’s fortune is lost, she and her family are forced to move into a small house on King Street. Life becomes a new and strange experience for the whole family as they meet their neighbours, try new jobs and learn to fend for themselves with laugh out loud moments as we try to imagine this actually happening! Hard lessons are learned but these are also appreciated! Thoughtful and funny, a perfect blend!
Fans of Shakespeare will delight from this new take on A Midsummer Nights Dream. Nick loves Jessie and will do just about anything to win her heart. In cahoots with the school prankster, Robyn, Nick is sure to win Jessie over. However, every twist and turn foils yet another plan and it seems as though “the course of true love never did run smooth”. A brilliant story bringing Shakespeare to life in new and inventive ways!
This laugh out loud story is a “little gem”. Aptly named Buns of Steel, Albert’s dad builds a robot to help him bake so he has more time for Albert. Albert is very good at all sports and while playing football one evening, he bounces a ball off he robot’s head. The robot turns angry and goes on a rampage around the town throwing “buns of steel” and causing huge damage. Can Albert use his skills to stop the robot? Hilariously funny and a perfect read for sports fans!
Publishing in April 2021, this story by Peter Bunzl is extraordinary. Deryn and her family live in a cottage next to a lighthouse and they are in charge of ensuring the safety of the boats in sea. When her parents leave for the mainland to deliver her new sibling, Deryn is in charge of the lamp and island until they return. The worst thing happens when the oil runs out and Deryn seeks help from an unusual source! Well written and exciting, Deryn proves her bravery and beliefs in folklore, bringing the reader along for the adventure. Stunning!

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