A weekly meme hosted by BookCraic!!

This brilliant weekly meme is perfect for readers of Middle Grade fiction! It is a chance to celebrate new titles and old favourites! To join in…

  • Choose a MG book you have read and loved– share the cover as well author, illustrator and publisher information
  • Go to Page 11 and choose your favourite sentence
  • Choose three words to describe the book
  • Link to your review or write a short review
Written by Sam Copeland, Illustrated by Sarah Horne, Publishing 21 January by Puffin Books

Page 11 Sentence: “Finally, my dad looked up from his painting, brush in hand, and peered at me over his glasses, almost like he was about to speak. He was always almost speaking but he never did.”

Three Words: Hilarious, Heart Warming, Alpacas

Short Review:

A completely hilarious story of Uma, best friend Alan Alan and an incredible gadget called Athena. Athena, like Alexa or Siri, can answer any questions you may have and Uma has plenty of them! Mostly about her Dad and how to get him to start talking again. You see, Uma lost her mother some time ago and her Dad has not yet found a way to speak about the loss, or to connect with Uma anymore.

When Uma finds Athena she sets into motion a brilliant adventure to save her home, her town and her Dad. Athena has some interesting ideas about how to do all these things but Uma follows them all to a tee, surprising her father many times over and taking care of the town bullies in a unique way.

This epic adventure will have children laughing until they cry and rooting for Uma as she tackles the sinister inventor intent on getting Athena back. I laughed with laughter and with heartwarming sadness at this enchanting book. Uma is a fantastic character, as is Alan Alan!

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