Publication Day- Reasons to Read!

When a big publication day arrives, there is so much excitement over the books, authors, illustrators and publishers. Rightly so! Today is a big one in children’s books and I just want to highlight a few I have read! As the day goes on, I will end up with a “To Buy” list as long as my arm as I learn what other delights a book store will now have in stock!

To keep this short and sweet, I have come up with 3 “Reasons To Read” under each book plus a summary sentence!

Opie Jones talks to Animals by Nat Luurtsema, Illustrated by Fay Austin, Published by Egmont Books.
Jasper and Scruff Take a Bow, written and illustrated by Nicola Colton, Published by Little Tiger.
44 Tiny Acrobats by Sylvia Bishop, Illustrated by Ashley King, Published by Little Tiger UK.
The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh by Helen Rutter, Published by Scholastic.
Space Detectives by Mark Powers, Illustrated by Dapo Adeola, Published by Bloomsbury.
Vi Spy, Licence to Chill, by May Evans, Illustrated by Jez Tuya, Published by Chicken House.

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