A weekly meme hosted by BookCraic

How To Join In…

  • Choose a middle grade book you have recently read and enjoyed. Share the cover along with publisher information
  • Turn to page 11 and choose your favourite sentence
  • Choose three words to describe the book
  • Share your review or link to your review

Mort The Meek and The Ravens’ Revenge by Rachel Delahaye, Illustrated by George Ermos, Published by Little Tiger

Page 11 Sentence: “Is it a crime to be annoying?” the guard asked carefully, hoping the answer would be no.

Three Words to describe the book: Adventurous, Friendship, Humorous

My Review: Brutalia is a horrible place full of rage and fighting folk, rampant ravens and one pacifist! Mort the Meek is the island’s only pacifist, though only he knows this fact!

To survive in Brutalia, you must be strong, eager to fight and willing to do whatever the King and Queen wish! The island’s motto is Live or Die- simply put and all are expected to follow this one rule!

Mort’s best friend, Weed, is falsely accused of growing his own fruit and trapping a royal raven and is facing an unfair trial and execution- with Mort at the helm as newly appointed executioner…the plot thickens! A pacifist as executioner?

Mort is Meek, mild and yet mighty! He makes a brilliant character and as we learn more about him and see the tale unfold, he is one I would wish to have as a friend. Willing to risk life and limb for his best friend, Mort faces some interesting situations.

He must prove his worth in a few ways and it takes his considerable knowledge, skill and new friend Ono to ensure all goes to plan! There are secrets worth holding on to within this tale, ones that turn the plot around and make Mort question all he has ever known- Don’t we just love that in books!


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