Picture Book Perfect

It’s been a little while since I wrote a Picture Book Perfect blog post and now I want to write two or three. Still a huge fan of picture books, these are entirely perfect for sharing with children and classes. I love today’s books as they are all so different and will appeal to a wide variety of readers.

Music, A Fold Out Graphic History, by Nicholas O’Neill & Susan Hayes, Illustrated by Ruby Taylor, Published by What on Earth Books

The cover alone is superb and begs opening! When you do open this wonderful book you are presented with an accordion of pages all about music, orchestras, composers, singers and so much more! The illustrations are stunning and bring to life a history of music for young readers.
As you can see each page is full of wonderful illustrations, short snappy blocks of text and plenty to draw the eye. I spent hours folding out the pages (which reach 2.5m in length. Covering 60,000 years of history, there is plenty to learn about the world of music. I particularly like the playlist on the back page which would be excellent to play during class time.

Which Food Will You Choose? By Claire Potter, Illustrated by Ailie Busby, Published by Bloomsbury

This book has the potential to break a beige cycle of eating in my own house. I am using this book to challenge my own two children to choose brighter food choices and to try new things. What starts as a fun game turns into a lifestyle change. Try it out with your family and see what happens.
The children are tasked with a new colour to choose from during each visit to the supermarket. The pages of ideas will help children to pick and choose while we cannot all shop together. My two children had firm favourites when picking colourful foods but also some they would be unwilling to try. Now to try and keep up with their colourful demands! A brilliantly informative and colourful book to inspire young eaters!

Omar, The Bees and Me by Helen Mortimer, Illustrated by Katie Cottle, Published by Owlet Press

We all needs bees and by encouraging children to know their importance, we will hopefully extend the protection of the future of bees. Omar and Maisie both love bees and honey and can see a need for some green space and wildflowers to entice the bees.
By working with the teacher and getting the whole town involved, the grey-ness of the town soon changes into a colourful, wild “bee corridor”. Omar and Maisie have become best friends and Omar now feels a huge part of the school and local community. Quietly inspirational with a positive eco message perfect for readers of all ages.

Amazing Treasures, by David Long and Muti, Published by What On Earth Books

This book will set future treasure hunters minds roaming to the potential of finding and discovering new treasures. From Sacred Treasures to Priceless Knowledge, there is so much to learn from each page. The illustrations are colourful, detailed and wondrous.
Treasures have been found throughout time and around the world as shown by the map within this book. Treasures of all sizes, from gemstones to statues have been found and historians use these items to tell more about what was happening at that point in time. This book is one to pore over and savour, to enjoy and boggle your mind!

Crocodile Tears by Roger McGough, Published by Greg McLeod, Published by Otter-Barry Books

A zany and wonderful picture book about Crocodile who has big dreams of leaving the jungle. Saying goodbye to everyone, then dressing as a giant banana and heading off, Crocodile and this book are entirely unique.
We learn about Crocodile’s adventures by her letters home to her Mum. The letters are as grey as the city of London, making crocodile tears fall. Brilliantly funny and a rollicking rhyme make this a superb read aloud. Though Crocodile wants to escape home, she is inevitably drawn back to the colours, sights and family of home.

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