Meet the Oceans

By Caryl Hart and Bethan Woollvin, published by Bloomsbury

We’ve blasted off, met and explored the planets and now we get to dive deep beneath the oceans and seas on our beautiful Earth. Caryl Hart and Bethan Woollvin are back with this special, colourful exploration of the waters around the world.

The oceans and seas are always exciting and offer plenty to explore and learn. Scientists believe that the depths of our oceans and seas are still vastly unexplored, and may contain more species than we can possibly imagine. With gentle messages of caring for the planet and its creatures, this book will inspire future generations of environmentalists!

Each ocean or sea is presented with Woollvin’s signature illustrations and Hart’s fun and rollicking rhymes. Readers will get a glimpse into the creatures, size and importance of each body of water. A great time to grab a map and find these oceans and seas!

These books just bring so much joy to a reader, from the use of bold colours and brilliant illustrations to the information and easy to read rhymes. These won’t last long on a bookshelf- too tempting to pick up and peruse.

From rocket ships to submarines, this series is delightful and perfect for young explorers! “The PERFECT picture book for all would-be ASTRONAUTS, and SEA EXPLORERS!” I can’t wait to see where we set off to explore next with Hart and Woollvin!

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