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The Magician’s Map by Mikki Lish and Kelly Ngai, Published by Chicken House

How To Join In…

  • Choose an MG book that you have read recently and would recommend. Share its cover and publishing details
  • Turn to Page 11 and share your favourite sentence
  • Choose three words to describe the book
  • Share a review or link to your review

Page 11 Sentence: “The gryphon let loose stone pellets of its own (in support of the gargoyle rather than out of kindness to Max), then the pair flapped up to the top of the house, muttering to themselves.”

Three Words to Describe the book: magical, adventurous, thrilling

My Mini Review:

Hedy, Spencer, Jelly and Max are back for autumn half term staying with Grandpa John. It’s been two years since the events involving Albert Nobody and though it is still fresh in their minds, they are happy and looking forward to a magicians festival called Fantastikhana.

This action packed adventure features our favourite characters from The House on Hoarder Hill, including my firm favourites, Stan and Doug! It also means that a familiar villain makes another appearance!

During the Fantastickhana, events leads Hedy to become tattooed with a Magician’s Map. This living map will lead her, Jelly and half-fae friend Cyrus to travel underground via slipways to find the missing pieces of Verdandi’s Loom. This magic loom can disrupt time- past, present and future so the pieces were hidden to avoid temptation.

The living map takes the children on the most thrilling and adventurous treasure hunt. Finding the pieces becomes a mission to keep the loom safe and out of the hands of the dastardly Mr Nobody!

Throughout the tale, I was questioning the trust in some characters, choosing to be suspicious of their actions. At times I was right and others very wrong….it all proves just how fantastic the writing is.

The characters are so well written they practically leap from the pages. My firm favourites from the House on Hoarder Hill were Stan and Doug. I am thrilled to say they are back and full of help, fun and insights!

Book cover illustrations by Maxine Lee-Mackie

I can highly recommend The House on Hoarder Hill and The Magician’s Map to anyone looking for adventure, superb characters and magical mysteries!

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