The Forgettery Blog Tour

Written by Rachel Ip, Illustrated by Laura Hughes, Published by FarShore

The cover lends some clues as to the story held within. This book is full of beauty. Granny and Amelia have a special bond, and enjoy spending time together- sometimes forgetting time and place altogether while adventuring!

Discovering The Forgettery on a long walk, Granny and Amelia are welcomed in and find their own special rooms. Granny’s is large and full of years of memories, “She smiled as her memories washed around her. Moments of delight, lost and forgotten, fluttering in the room like butterflies. “

Amelia’s is smaller and cosy but familiar and full of “please and thank yous”, “ouches, bumps and grazes”. Readers will delight in the relationship between Granny and Amelia and will hopefully remember fondly some of their own forgotten memories , or their own relationship with elderly family members.

For me, it brings memories of my grandmother back. She is 102 years old, strong and happy but not the same vibrant Granny I grew up with. She has forgotten plenty but I am here to remind her of my favourite memories, and to bring her own Forgettery back to her, with the help of my own children.

Stylishly and beautifully illustrated, each page is a piece of art. Muted colours with swathes of bright and bold colours remind me of the relationship between Granny and Amelia. Amelia being the bright and bold colours lighting up the life of Granny. This special book is the ultimate story for young readers who are experiencing memory loss in a family member.

It is understanding, heartfelt and brave. One for my permanent collection!

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