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Twitch by M.G.Leonard, Cover by Paddy Donnelly, Publishing 3rd June by Walker Books!

How To Join In…

  • Choose an MG book that you have read and want to recommend- share the cover and publishing details
  • Turn to page 11 and choose your favourite sentence
  • Choose three words to describe your book
  • Share your review or link to your review
Written by M.G. Leonard, Cover by Paddy Donnelly, Publishing June 2021

Page 11 Sentence: “Tell me, birdbrain, what’s it like being such a loser that your only friends have feathers?”

Three Words to Describe this book: Bravery, Friendship, Mystery and one that needs to be added in….Twitcher!

My Mini Review:

The sentence I chose from page 11 rather sets up my review…Twitch is being bullied at school and finds comfort and friendship with feathered creatures. Taught to bird watch and twitch by his Grandad, Twitch has his own bird box house, nests on the roof and is keen to begin training pigeons. He is a loveable character, with a heart of gold and a certain innocence throughout much of the book. His trust in people will be tested this summer.

Summer holidays have begun and Twitch is keen to begin training his pigeons and he has plans to work on his hide in Aves Wood but news of a convicted robber reach the town and there is a heavy police presence.

Twitch notices plenty of small details and his curiosity leads him to discover some hidden secrets alongside bully turned friend, Jack. Their friendship is new and Twitch is cautious but hopeful that he has finally found a good friend.

This tale is one of bravery, standing up for yourself and your friends (feathered and human), as well as learning the truth and taking action! So much of this book is funny, heartfelt and joyous! I know MG Leonard throws herself, heart and soul, into her work and the research into birds, bird watching and being a twitcher was clearly done!

Fans of Beetle Boy will rejoice when this hits the shelves in June! Ideal to read as a class before summer holidays with the homework being to spot as many birds as possible!


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