Harley Hitch and the Iron Forest

Written by Vashti Hardy, Illustrated by George Ermos, Publishing 1 April 2021 by

Reasons to Read Harley Hitch…

1. It is written by the utterly fabulous Vashti Hardy!

2. Harley, the main character, has a good heart and intentions but still manages to find trouble around most corners. From being late to school to accidentally exploding experiments, if it is going to happen- it is likely Harley is involved. Her fantastic style, green hair and Grandads are also exceptional!

3. A new term has begun and Harley has her eye and heart set on winning Pupil of the Term, and stealing the accolade from frenemy Fenelda! Often mean and always tattle telling on Harley, Fenelda currently sports the Pupil of the Term patch. Fenelda is a brilliant character- the villain of the story!

4. New boy, Cosmo, quickly finds himself entwined with Harley and it is not a smooth sailing friendship. He is a charming character and has all the makings of a great best friend!

5. The world of Harley Hitch is fantastically modern, with mechanical forests, robots as companions or servants and tool belt wearing students. When a dangerous new fungus is found in the Iron Forest, draining the trees and plants of their use, Harley is determined to find a solution that will help the forest but also assist her in winning Pupil of the Term.

6. With a natural style and flair Harley sports green hair and extra pockets and buckles to hold tools on her uniform. She has excellent ideas but can be a bit impatient and impetuous, though these qualities add to her natural charm. Harley has some important lessons to learn from new friend Cosmo and from her lovely Grandpas, Eden and Elliot.

The Ultimate Reason: There is something so special about a Vashti Hardy book! The new world has much to offer its characters but offers insight into our own world. The characters are determined, clever and adventurous, sure to inspire young readers into a scientific or STEM related field. From creating new solutions to current issues to tackling a new threat in a forest, STEM takes the lead subject and I couldn’t be happier to share this book with readers 7+!

I was so thrilled to read this book and am very much looking forward to the launch party on the 30th…I believe Vashti Hardy has bought a green wig!

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