The House of Serendipity by Lucy Ivison

Written by Lucy Ivison, Cover by Helen Crawford White, Illustrations by Catharine Collingridge, Publishing June 2021 by Usborne

My Reasons to Read…The House of Serendipity

1. It is set in the 20’s when fashion, women and society were all daring, courageous and bold.

2. Myrtle and Sylvia, two girls from different worlds, both with a “passion for fashion”, collide in the grand Serendipity House. Myrtle is to be a maid while Sylvia is the youngest daughter of the family who own and live in the house. She is feisty, talented and eager for a friend. Myrtle is sophisticated, calm and talented in her own way.

3. A character named Lady Agapantha Portland-Prince, niece of the Duke of Wellington. She is wild, bold and planning a fantastic escape from the duties of being a debutante. She certainly keeps the girls on their toes. I adore the name Agapnatha- so posh!

4. Chanel fashion tweaked and sewn in secret. Designs inspired by theatre costumes and the collaboration of two talented girls. The descriptions of the outfits are divine and to be coveted! I cannot wait to see the final book featuring these outfits in their full glory.

5. Stan, a young boy wanting to be an actor, not a tailor, currently residing in Myrtle’s old tailor shop. A potential ally for the girls with his access to the right materials and perhaps a bit more than a friend for Myrtle.

6. The fabulously stylish name dropping of Chanel, Vogue, Valentino, Tatler Magazine- these girls know their stuff and flaunt it brilliantly. With a second and third book planned, I can only hope for more fantastic names from history.

7. I adore the word Serendipity….”the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for”. It makes me think of the events conspiring to bring the girls together, the fashion they create and the friendship that blooms under the auspicious Serendipity House, not to mention what a great fashion house name it is.

This book is pure joy! Myrtle is lovely and has a heart of gold, Sylvia is feisty but has much to learn about life. They balance each other well, and their talent in designing and creating fashion to push the limits that the 20’s society can just about manage makes for a fantastic story!

Book 2 planned for 2022 and Book 3 for 2023. A series I will be collecting.

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  1. I love the title too and the cover is very appealing. Now, thanks to your review, I’m even more convinced about buying this book! Thank you.

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