A weekly meme hosted by BookCraic celebrating middle grade books!

Shipwreck Island by Struan Murray

How To Join In…

  • Share a middle grade book you have read and loved recently. Share the publishing information.
  • Turn to page 11 and share your favourite sentence.
  • Choose three words to describe the book.
  • Write your review or link to your review.

Favourite Sentence from Page 11: “But it can’t hurt you any more, Ellie. You won. So long as you don’t ask it to grant any more wishes, it can’t regain its power.”

Three Words to Describe the Book: Intense, Hopeful, Courageous

My Review: Having received a copy of Shipwreck Island prompted me to re-read Orphans of the Tide and I was so glad I did. Having the memories firmly etched in my mind about Seth’s arrival, his friendship with Ellie and their powers helped me to invest more in their story.

This was no longer a novel but an extension of a fantastic legend, of characters brought to life and of a curse needing to be exorcised. It was no longer just a book but something that was needed in my life, like air or water. I needed to see where they ended up.

Arriving on Shipwreck Island, I had high hopes, not wishes for Seth and Ellie. Hope that they will find peace, rest and answers. Hope that they will find food, warmth and a welcome. In truth, they find these things but they also find trouble, a political struggle and an old foe!

This is an utterly compelling, enchanting read, leading us on a tour of the island with its varying inhabitants, some loyal to the Queen and others wanting a revolution. Seth and Ellie will need to trust each other as they learn to trust their new home and friends. Are all who they seem or has The Enemy been playing tricks again?

Told with a dual narrative between our current story and one of Leila, a young girl aboard the Ark during the drowning centuries before. She too encounters her own boy in a whale and learns who he is and what he is capable of.

Such a fantastic series and Twitter is abuzz with gasps at each ending, prompting the question, How long must we wait to learn more? This is one series I cannot get enough of!

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