The Girl in Wooden Armour by Conrad Mason

Written by Conrad Mason, Publishing April 2021 by David Fickling Storyhouse

The cover of the proof is spectacular…I cannot wait to see the final cover. Showing a young girl wearing armour made of wood, she looks vital, brave and ready to take on the world. Regardless of the cover though, the pages within this book contain a fantastically written tale of bravery, magic and family.

Visiting their Grandmother, who they haven’t seen for a long time, Hattie and little brother Jonathan, are shocked to find her house empty. Hattie senses something more sinister underneath her grandmother’s disappearance and goes searching for answers. Deirdre Gavell is not your normal granny- she sends sticks for presents for one thing and talks to a stuffed squirrel called Bradley Cooper.

This book will take readers on a rather intense journey from our world to the Un Forest, where creatures beyond our imagination live and are ruled by the Hollow King and Queen. When the divide between the two is opened and those creatures begin to wreak havoc in Hattie’s world, she begins to feel where her place in the world stems from- magic and the power of wood, passed down from her grandmother and mother into her.

I loved this tale of bravery, not only in fighting monsters from another realm but of understanding emotion, admitting loneliness and grief and being there for your family. Hattie, Jonathan and their Dad will need to face up to all these while they move forward with their lives.

A perfect read for adventurous readers, ones who love battles and defeating creatures in courageous ways. Hattie is a believable and credible heroine, one I took to heart immediately. She wants to be there for her family but struggles with her own grief. Learning more about her mother, and being able to talk freely about her, begins that healing process for them all!

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