Graphic Novels- A glimpse into History!

Otter-Barry Books and new imprint, Sunbird Kids Books are publishing graphic novels perfect for sharing historical events and famous figures from history. Rosa Parks and Marie Curie need no formal introduction for most adults but they are vital figures of world history for children to meet! The environmental disaster of Chernobyl is perhaps a lesser known event for today’s children and this book is a fantastic introduction to the event.

I have a huge respect and admiration for all graphic novels and enjoy reading them as often as possible. These three books are enchanting, honest and full of incredible illustrations that truly bring these people and events to life.

Rosa Parks made a bold stand on a bus during a time when the rights and freedoms of people were not fair or just. Her further boycott of buses became a pivotal moment of the Civil Rights Movement. Considered the Mother of this movement, this book takes a look at the life of Rosa Parks. Told from the perspective of a young girl and her grandmother visiting a museum many years later, we see the young girl ask important questions and learn the hard answers that history sometimes offers. Beautifully illustrated and full of details and facts, this is an excellent introduction to an incredibly brave and bold woman!

Marie Curie was another female trailblazer, this time in the field of chemistry and physics, winning a Nobel Prize in both fields, in a time when she had to fight for her place in the scientific field. This graphic novel follows the life of Marie from a young girl in a large family to her growing up and following her dreams of studying in Paris. Wonderful illustrations transport the reader back in time to join Marie as she fights against prejudice, stereotypes and poverty to reach her dreams! Inspirational and forward thinking, the developments and discoveries of Marie Curie quite literally changed the world.

Chernobyl, in the Ukraine, was the Epicentre of a global environmental catastrophe in 1986. A nuclear reactor exploded and sent radioactive clouds across the northern countries of the world. The area itself was evacuated but some chose to stay though times were harsh and dangerous. An intense graphic novel outlining the events of Chernobyl, all the while telling a tale of Anna and Klara, who refuse to leave. When a child arrives at their door some years later, it is clear she has been living with wolves and is quite wild herself. The women take her in and eventually help her find her own way home. A fantastic look at survival and the resilience of the natural world.

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