Jane Austen Investigates, The Abbey Mystery Blog Tour

“It’s 1789 and a young Jane Austen turns detective as she seeks to solve the mysterious happenings at Southmoor Abbey. When a carriage accident forces a change of plans, 13-year-old Jane is sent to be a companion to Lady Cromwell for a week as the household prepares to celebrate the eldest son’s coming-of-age party. While there, Jane vows to solve the mystery of the ghostly monk in the Abbey grounds – for she does not believe in such stories!

But this is not the only strange occurrence for the adventurous young Jane to investigate. There are shivery night-time investigations, an Indian girl with secret talents, a library fire, two prize horses in danger, and friends to save from false accusations.

With notebook in hand and her faithful dog Grandison by her side, will Jane overcome the continuous obstacles and find out the truth?

My Reasons to Read The Abbey Mystery!

  • Julia Golding is a fantastic author with awards and books that prove her talent. She is an author who I automatically know will write books of quality and I can be guaranteed of a brilliant story to keep me hooked and wanting to continue reading late into the night!
  • This book is an amazing introduction to Jane Austen for younger readers. They will get to meet this charming new heroine and it may inspire a whole new generation of Jane Austen fans! Her wit and wry humour appear in this book and prepare the reader for a life long love of Jane and her books.
  • A young Jane Austen as a super sleuth, reminiscent of Nancy Drew and Enola Holmes. All determined, feisty and courageous girls with unsurpassed intelligence, wit and logic. Jane, in this series, proves her skills as a detective and she does it with flair!
  • Tradition, courtesy and responsibility- all written and researched to sit perfectly within the era in which Jane lived as a young girl. Sent as a companion to Lady Cromwell while she prepares for a large event, Jane must act and dress appropriately and as expected! Julia Golding clearly did her research in regards to the pomp and circumstance of important households and it is a joy to be transported back in time!
  • The stories and promise of a legendary ghost that haunts Southmoor Abbey, all started by Jane’s brother Henry as she prepares for her journey. The idea is planted in her mind and her determination to seek answers leads to the adventure we find ourselves following. A good old fashioned ghost story with some truth and some twists and turns to keep the reader guessing.
  • Jane’s dog, Grandison, a loyal but ridiculously large “lap dog” that accompanies her adds a fun element to the story. He is much loved and despaired of in equal measure. He certainly adds extra charm to the story.
  • Jane’s letter writing to her sister Cassandra as she updates her on the adventures at Southmoor Abbey. Fans of Jane Austen know of her fame with letter writing and with her tremendous wit and intellect, the letters prove to be cryptic clues and full of hidden messages.
  • It’s a SERIES…..what could be better when you love a book than to find out there are more to come!

I was so pleased to have been sent a copy by Lion Hudson to read and it was such a welcome distraction to meet new characters, have an adventure and relish a new series! I cannot wait for The Burglar’s Ball to see what antics a young Jane Austen finds herself embroiled in!

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