Barrington Stoke Wins Again!

Anytime a book arrives from Barrington Stoke, I immediately dive in and begin reading. They offer so much to readers, young and old, voracious or reluctant. Written and Illustrated by the best of the best, each book is perfect in length, plot and facts!

Check out some of their latest titles!

The Beach Puppy by Holly Webb, Illustrated by Ellie Snowdon

Little Gems are the perfect sized story for younger readers. Full colour illustrations and short tales keep readers entertained. Ruby is the new owner of a sausage dog puppy called Coco and they are heading off on a beach holiday. Ruby is looking forward to splashing, building sandcastles and eating ice cream on the beach. However, when Coco gets a bit excited and wanders off, both she and Ruby are worried and miss each other. Will there be a happy ending and will Ruby and Coco be reunited? A heart warming tale sure to make readers want a Coco for themselves!

The Beast of Harwood Forest by Dan Smith, Illustrated by Chris King

A spooky tale, three friends and a monster named Grendel- Nancy, Krish and Pete are back for spooky events in Heathland Camp! Arriving for their Year 8 trip, Pete spots some derelict buildings and a spooky sign not far from where they will be staying. Determined to visit late one night, Nancy and Krish get dragged along! Finding notes from the previous occupants, doctors for the Ministry of Defence, the trio learn of some scary experiments and come face to face with one of them! Adrenaline seekers, and spooky story fans, this is one for you!

Madam Squeaker by Pip Jones, Illustrated by Paula Bowles

Hollyhock House may be big but it is being overrun by rats and there is little food or fun left for Minetta and the other smaller creatures. The Ruling Rats scurry around and take what they want, causing endless damage as they go along. When Minetta discovers the rats devious plan to get rid of all the other creatures in the house, a wise owl provides Minetta with the advice to “Find your Voice”! A broken tea cup, friends and a counter plan are all Minetta needs to ensure fairness and democracy! A wonderful story to inspire children to find their voice and to speak up for themselves and for injustice.

Tragedy at Sea by David Long, Illustrated by Stefano Tambellini

I thoroughly enjoyed Survival in Space and David Long’s writing style. The story of the Titanic is one that will remain infamous forever. The ill-fated ship was claimed “unsinkable” but when she struck an iceberg, the unimaginable happened. David Long takes the reader on the entire journey of the Titanic, from idea and design to the construction and launch of her maiden voyage. With illustrations of what passengers may have experienced on board and maps and diagrams, readers can truly get immersed in the events leading to the disaster. A fantastically written history of The Titanic.

The Small Things by Lisa Thompson, Illustrated by Hannah Coulson

Anna has been paired with Ellie, though not in person. Ellie attends school via robot who are her eyes and ears in the classroom. Anna feels uncertain why she was chosen when there are more popular and interesting girls who could have been picked. Constantly comparing herself and her activities to Nia, Anna lets a little white lie escape in a chat with Ellie. Trying to impress her, things take a turn for the worst when her secrets are discovered. Ellie teaches Anna that her hobbies and life are great just the way they are! A special story all about honesty, friendship and acceptance! This unique tale was inspired by a true story and it has an uplifting and bright feeling throughout.

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