Factopia Blog Tour

Written by Kate Hale, Illustrated by Andy Smith, Published by Britannica Books

Check out the blogs before and after mine for more information and insight into this amazing, fact filled book!

From the bright and colourful cover to the facts, illustrations and paths inside, this is one epic, fact-filled book.

Though you can check out the contents page and skip to something of particular interest, I found it more interesting and fun to follow the various paths through the pages. As I did, I discovered links I couldn’t have imagined and will remember new facts to impress friends and family with!

One of my favourite facts about my home country of Canada is that we have “more doughnut shops per person than any other country in the world”!

This ingenious book uses a mix of illustrations and photos to entice readers to turn the page and this certainly adds to its charm and appeal. All the members of my family have spent some time lost within the pages and they have all given it two thumbs up.

As a reader, we have the right to dip in and out of books and this is the perfect one to visit time and time again. Perhaps each visit, you will follow a different path through and learn entirely new things. I think sometimes with fact books, they can be too straightforward in providing interesting facts. This is not straightforward and that is its unique selling point.

What will you discover as you travel down each path? “Where Will your curiosity take you?”

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