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How To Join In…

  • Choose a Middle grade book you have read and loved recently. Share the cover and publishing information
  • Turn to page 11 and share your favourite sentence
  • Choose three words to describe the book
  • Share your review or share a link to your review
Written by Maisie Chan, Illustrations by Anh Cao, published by Piccadilly Press

Page 11 Sentence: “‘Not yet…’ were the only words I could make out.”

Three words to describe the book: Joyful, Funny and Heartwarming!

My Mini Review: My favourite sentence from page 11 totally builds up the beginning of my review- Danny’s parents have cleaned out his room but are hiding a secret. When the secret is revealed, Danny is horrified at having to share a room and time with his Nai Nai. She has travelled a long way from China and brings with her some family traditions and culture. Ones Danny is unused to.

She wants to ensure Danny is well fed so shows up at school with extra food. I laughed so much throughout the story! She does not speak English, struggles to figure things out and Danny is charged with entertaining her during the holidays. He is not impressed.

Nai Nai, is an ex-maths champion and though she is different, Danny will soon learn they are more similar than he originally thought. Full of humour and heart, this is a fantastic book. There were so many moments where I despaired of Danny and his attitude towards his Nai Nai but she surely helps him to realise just how wonderful she is, especially her bingo playing skills.

This is one I will read again and again!

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