The Cartoons that Came to Life Blog Tour

Written by Tom Ellen, Illustrated by Phil Corbett, Published by Chicken House Books

I am so excited to be part of the blog tour for this book. Both my children were completely intrigued and I had to wait my turn to read about Arley, Tapper and Finn.

Arley and Tapper are fictional characters in Finn’s imagination and in his sketchbook. Finn spends every available minute drawing and creating adventures for his two brave heroes, wanting to be like them and be able to stand up to bullies like Barney.

After one particularly confidence bursting run in with Barney and his sidekicks, Finn decides to stop drawing his comic and downs his pencil leaving the duo literally hanging on for dear life. Not realising just how perilous his action was, Finn closes the sketchbook while he recovers from his incident. Perhaps, even worse, is the knowledge that a classmate, Isha, has seen it happen and walked past.

When Arley and Tapper enter the real world, Finn is amazed, scared and unsure of what to do. The rest of this adventure is full of escapades, ri-donk-ulous events and hilarity. Fearing that Arley and Tapper will become permanently erased if they can’t get back to their story, Finn and new friend Isha are on a mission to solve the problem.

“Life is one big, mahoosive ADVENTURE, Finn Morris. Don’t be scared of it- embrace it!”

Facing up to his comic drawing idol, Finn will need to find his voice and channel his inner Arley and Tapper. Can he do it and will his family find happiness amid the uncertainty and change?

This is a fantastic new series and one that is completely delightful to lose yourself in. Finn is more courageous than he believes and more talented than he knows. A great boost of confidence for readers who may be facing similar situations with bullies or confidence.

I am already looking forward to the next adventure with Finn, Isha, Arley and Tapper!

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