Picture Book Perfect

The three books in this edition of picture book perfect are pure beauty. Overwhelmingly perfect for sharing and delving into, whether with just your own children or a class full. The messages are positive, yet honest and there is much to interpret, learn and empathise with.

Words to describe these books have been hard to find as I cannot seem to do them the justice they deserve. What I can do is promote them for their beauty, power and potential discussions in classes of all ages.

The Longer the Wait, the Bigger the Hug by Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar, Published by Faber.

Sunflower Sisters by Monika Singh Gangotra and Michaela Dias-Hayes, Published by Owlet Press

Wishes by Mu’o’n Thi Van and Victo Ngai, Published by Scholastic

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