Song of the Far Isles by Nicholas Bowling- Blog Tour

An absolutely stunning book that will capture your heart and imagination! Check out all the stops on the blog tour happening this week!

Music is as steeped in tradition as storytelling! Oran is a talented cithara player from Little Drum, an island in the Far Isles. Known for their birth instruments, talents and legendary musical storytelling the people of Little Drum are married to their music. The Ghasts of past family are linked to the music and are revered and honoured.

When Oran begins singing a song with dangerous lyrics and against her mothers wishes, something from the song comes true- the Red Duchess appears. What she does is unfathomable for the people of Little Drum- she bans music! Outraged, the people argue late into the evening and the next morning, are forced to say goodbye to their birth instruments.

Oran is a determined and courageous girl who devises a plan to save Little Drum and their musical traditions. She will not have an easy journey, it will be fraught with danger, thrills and a band of pirates known as The Opera.

As I was reading this, I was taken back to my childhood on the East Coast of Canada where the legends and songs of sailors were sung far and wide. Epic songs that had a beat, a tune and were played on traditional instruments. I can imagine being in a pub on Little Drum listening to the songs of tradition.

This rich and beautiful story is lyrical and poetic- ensuring the reader feels a sense of wonder, legend and adventure while reading. Song of the Far Isles is special and one to share widely.

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