Shadowghast by Thomas Taylor

Herbert Lemon and Violet Parma are back for another spine tingling, thrilling adventure in their creepy seaside town of Eerie on Sea. Perhaps the perfect summer tourist hot spot, in autumn the town turns eerie, creepy and full of spooky legends.

This adventure features the legend of the Shadowghast, a hungry shadow devouring man with creepy smile and horns on his head- the proper stuff of nightmares. Strange things begin to happen in the weeks before Halloween, or Ghastly Night as locals celebrate it. Missing friends, the arrival of a magician and her troupe, and a truth for Herbie to understand.

The same fantastic characters feature in this third book in the series, Jenny from the Book Dispensary, Erwin the entirely wonderful bookstore cat, and of course, grumpy Mr Mollusc, still looking for any reason to get rid of Herbie. Violet is still pushing Herbie out of his comfort zone and searching for new adventures, while the rest of the town carry on as normally as they can.

Amidst this tale of trickery, legend and truth, someone familiar makes a return to Eerie-on-Sea!

Herbie, at his very core, just wants some answers and truths about his life before the Grand Nautilus Hotel. He yearns for family and a sense of home- Will Shadowghast bring any of those for Herbie?

Thomas Taylor has an incredible style of writing in which the reader feels entirely a part of the story. We can see the action, hear the thoughts and predict what might happen next. We also root strongly for Herbie as he has been part of this story since book one, and I am certain I am not the only reader who has a special place in their heart for this lost and founder.

There is one spoiler I must provide….evidence of yet another spooky visit back to Eerie on Sea and another adventure for Herbie and Vi.

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