Wild Child by Dara McAnulty

An entrancing and unique view on the wild surroundings we live amongst. Dara McAnulty is the recipient of many prizes, all thoroughly deserved, and this book is sure to be the next to earn him another.

An absolute visual feast and one full of facts, activities and tips for young conservationists. The pairing of Dara McAnulty and Barry Falls is inspired and they have created something incredible.

Starting with looking through our own windows to the back garden, we can learn about local birds and then learn from a stunning page of Collective Nouns!

At times poetic and others factual, this book is endlessly fascinating. Each turn of the page will share vital information about bugs, birds and trees but it will also inspire young nature lovers and conservationists to get more involved in protecting the planet.

The reader will get taken on a journey of curiosity and discovery as they leave the back garden and start to wander further afield. One of the activities is to create a journey stick, and I can think of no better activity to chart your reading of the book.

As summer approaches, it’s time to grab this book and go exploring! There is much to see, inside the pages of the book and in the world around you!

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