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Having grown up in Canada and now spending every summer there, there was a certain nostalgia for receiving this book in the post from the US. The publishing world in North America and the one here are vastly different in their covers, pages and marketing. This is exactly a book that I would pick from the shelves of my nearest Indigo Chapters store or library in Canada.

The cover promises an exciting adventure almost leading the reader to believe the children on the front are magical. The illustrations inside tell part of the story as I quickly realised while reading. There are details held within those that help the story to move forward.

In this, the first in The Conjurers Series by Brian Anderson, we meet Emma and Alex as they watch a magic show on a contraband TV set that Alex built. They live in a mansion with Uncle Mordo, who treats them well but who Alex secretly calls, “supreme tyrant”. Later that same evening Alex and Emma overhear a strange conversation between Mordo and his antiquing colleagues about something called the Circle.

Danger suddenly explodes in Chapter two and it is a relentless pursuit of Alex and Emma who are led by a Jimjarian, named Pimawa. Known to the reader as Emma’s pet rabbit, Pimawa has been a servant of Mordo, an honour for Jimjarian’s. A jimjarian is a large human sized rabbit. Pursued by the Shadow Conjurer and Rag-O-Rocs, the children are being hunted for clues leading to an artefact originally found by their parents before their death.

This exciting tale has twists, turns and a magical realm to enter into! Alex and Emma will need to keep their wits about them and use their unique skills to help them find each other and to keep a vital magical artefact from those seeking to use the power for themselves and for evil.

Fantastically told, this book is a perfect middle grade adventure. Fans of magic, realms and mechanical inventions will love delving into this mysterious adventure.

Brian Anderson is the creator of the syndicated comic strip Dog Eat Doug, which enjoys an international fan base both online and off-line. He is an optioned screenwriter and the author of several children’s books, including Nighty Night, Sleepy Sleeps; The Prince’s New Pet; and Monster Chefs. Brian’s uncle was a charter member of the Magic Castle and taught him his first card trick in second grade. He has been practicing magic ever since.

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