Hide and Seek by Robin Scott-Elliot

This enthralling and courageous tale begins with a game of hide and seek, and it ends the same way! Set in Paris in the height of World War II, the Germans are a large, ominous presence and the round of up Jewish families has begun. Amelie emerges from the best hiding place in the house, a ledge in the darkest part of the wardrobe, to find her family gone. Having heard the heavy boots and barked commands she is aware of what has happened.

Wearing her Yellow Star, she goes out to the streets of Paris but finds herself unable to do much. The star marks her and people are fearful of being seen to help her. When the food eventually runs out, she takes to the streets and so begins her determined promise to avenge her family and to do all she can to foil the Germans.

Finding herself a place within the Resistance, a massive movement of people foiling German plans, with secrets, bombs and betrayals, Amelie learns quickly to trust no one. Proving to be quite adept at espionage, Amelie has a dangerous path ahead of her. Peril faces Amelie at every turn but she faces it with a courage that amazed me throughout the story.

She will cross country, sea and government in her journey and it is a harrowing and very realistic account of the resistance in Paris 1944.

I have loved all of Robin Scott-Elliot’s books. All are written with an expertise of building tension, creating relatable and likeable characters, and set within a time period where details matter,

I read this in one heart pounding evening, unable to leave Amelie facing the danger alone. I had to know what happened and see her through to the end of the war.

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