MG Titles Read This Week!

I have been enjoying the down time summer offers and have taken proper breaks from blogging and reading but now feel rested and ready for the new school year and new books to promote!

I have read 3 MG novels recently and they are wonderfully different and unique. All would be perfect for KS2 and even KS3. I thoroughly enjoyed each of them!

The Night My Dream Came Alive by Juliette Forrest, Cover Illustration by Beatriz Castro, Published by Scholastic

When we first meet Ollo, she is about to be pummelled by bully Roxy. Roxy dislikes differences and because Ollo is unable to dream, Roxy has singled her out for daily bullying. Escaping into a shop, Ollo is thrilled to find herself in the Dream Store, a place where DreamDrops are sold and you can choose where your dream will take you. This place becomes her refuge from Roxy and ex best friend Jeannie. Ollo befriends Mr. Curley and his mynah bird, Sausage and helps him to devise new and exciting dreams using her powerful imagination.

Ollo’s desperation to have a dream unwittingly causes Myrdina, the Mother of All Nightmares to be unleashed in the human world. The chaos and fear this causes proves to Ollo that she needed to heed warnings when they were cryptically given. It is only Ollo who can send Myrdina back and save her family and friends. Standing up for what she believes in is all she needs to face evil and to face Roxy.

Ollo is a fantastic character, someone who learns to be herself, find her people and be brave enough to stand up to bullies.

The Ash House by Angharad Walker, Cover Illustration by Olia Muza, Published by Chicken House Books

This thrilling and beguiling book had my jaw dropping and heart pumping throughout the entire book. From the opening scenes of meeting Dom and Sol through to understanding the role of the headmaster and doctor to the end and wondering whether it was all real- this book is fantastically written and planned out. With no adults present in the dorms and scary beasts howling into the night, I was ensuring I read this during the day! Ash House is made of ash and smells of bonfire yet it is home to many children who live in the greenhouses among the plants. Sol has come for healing but what he finds is chaos, mistrust and one friend who will stand by him no matter what.

Each child had a role to play to keep Ash House working and Sol is welcomed into Dom’s role- to watch the birds. The birds are drones that record every event and miss nothing in the surrounding areas of Ash House. Sol is unable to accept the way of the house so easily and pushes Dom for more information and ways to escape but Dom is loyal to the house and headmaster. Their friendship will cause problems with the other inhabitants of Ash House and loyalties will be put to the test!

Enchanting, beguiling and ever so slightly spooky, this is a brilliant book!

Curse of the Dearmad by Emma Mylrea, Illustrations by Hannah Jesse, Published by Tiny Tree Books

Curse of the Dearmad has a touch of myth woven into the story. Percy and Connor have become quick friends after meeting in school. Connor is new to Port Kipneash and is struggling to find his balance, something people with gills need to do to maintain their health. Percy and Connor both have gills and need to spend time in the water and on land. The world is accepting of gillies and their research and work on ocean pollution.

When Percy’s mum becomes ill, he learns of a place where a cure may be found, Doona. It has a mythological quality to it, as does the rest of your adventure. Percy has strength and determination on his side as he plans to journey alone to Doona. Connor is weaker and wants to find a cure for his own balance and tags along. They will traverse depths, danger and the Dearmad to find what they are looking for. The Dearmad will suck them in and slowly take their memories. Nell, Percy’s twin, has her own powers and their family helping her to rescue the boys before it is too late.

An awesome journey, full of friendship, family and adventure. Captivating and exciting, this will entertain and challenge readers!

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