Peanut Jones and the Illustrated City Blog Tour

Kicking off the blog tour for Peanut Jones is such an honour! I was lucky enough to have a proof copy of this and devoured it within hours of it arriving! When the final copy arrived, it was my daughter who quickly grabbed it and stole away with it. We are both huge Peanut Jones fans now.

Check out all the stops on this blog tour!

I claim myself to be the biggest fan of Rob Biddulph and when it was announced he was penning and drawing a new series for MG readers, I was so excited.

Peanut Jones has moved to a new school since her father left under mysterious circumstances and she isn’t really fitting in well. Her Study Buddy, Rockwell Riley, is taking his role seriously and tries to befriend Peanut, though her hard exterior is tough to break through.

The disappearance of her dad has left an indelible mark on the entire family but it is Peanut who feels it is more suspicious than the others. She is determined to find answers!

Loving art as much as her Dad, Peanut discovers a specially powered pencil. Peanut plays around with it with surprising results and soon realises it can draw portals to Chroma, a magical other world. With Rockwell and her little sister, Little-Bit, they all head into the unknown together. Peanut believing she can find clues to her missing dad and Rockwell in disbelief over what the pencil can do. What they find and learn is imaginative, fascinating and dangerous.

The trio will find themselves on an amazing journey where their friendship, determination and creative thinking will be all they need to jump over the many hurdles thrown in their way. Illustrated with Rob’s iconic style and two main colours and with the promise of this being a trilogy, I look forward to reading more about Peanut and seeing where the stories will take her and whether she will learn more about Mr White and her Dad.

I could not put this one down and cannot wait to share it with classes in the library this year!

Want to have a go at drawing Peanut Jones? Follow the steps on the activity sheet below!

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