Zinnia Jakes Blog Tour

Written by Brenda Gurr, Illustrated by Nancy Leschnikoff, Published by New Frontier Publishing

Super baker Zoe is more than your average 9 year old student! She excels in baking wonderful cakes, highly sought after for their delicious flavour but also for the secretive way in which they arrive at their destination!

In the previous titles, Zoe aka Zinnia Jakes, has had to carefully plan her route to delivery, avoiding classmates and obstacles, all in the name of keeping her baking identity a secret…and so far she has done it perfectly, with help from Addie, Jam and Coco. All form the Zinnia Jakes team!

In this book, Zoe’s class are having a sleepover in the school library but there is a spy party in the school hall, and Zinnia Jakes is baking a super spy cake for the occasion. This time, Zoe, has overheard there will be traps laid for guests and especially for Zinnia Jakes!

This will be her most daring delivery yet, and most extreme cake challenge with having a spy outline within the centre of the cake…incredibly challenging but worth it for the flavours and vision!

Our baking skills are seriously lacking in my house, but my daughter and I both adore the Zinnia Jakes books. It is lovely to see a 9 year old girl outwit an entire community by keeping her baking identity a secret. Her cat, Coco, is a feisty feline who always seems to know the exact moment a cake is done! Aunt Jam and Zoe’s dad, Avery, are on hand where possible but entirely led by Zoe!

Charming stories full of fun and yummy recipes- what more do we want? Aside from a slice of whatever cake Zinnia is creating! The recipes in the back are an added bonus and my daughter and I have been very tempted to try them out!

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