The Bewitching of Aveline Jones Blog Tour

I can't believe I get to kick off the blog tour for this amazing book- it is a true honour! As soon as this book was announced on Netgalley, I clicked request and then eagerly sat waiting for the approval.  Once that arrived, thankfully quickly, I completely devoured this tale.

Every now and again a sequel will outshine the first….and this may be one of those times.
While I absolutely loved The Haunting of Aveline Jones, I felt that reading the second, The Bewitching of Aveline Jones, was even better!

I think purely from the perspective of character development and understanding her thrills about all things spooky and weird, Aveline is a more rounded character in book two. We know her, her love of books about ghosts, witches and eerie events. We also know that even when she may be afraid, she still manages to figure out the mystery and keep herself safe.

Aveline and her mum are away in a cottage for a couple of weeks at the end of summer. Aveline is thrilled as there is a circle of stones, witch stones, just outside the back gate and she is obsessed with learning more about them and their history. When she spots another girl in the circle she hangs back, but over time the girls form a friendship.

It isn’t an easy friendship with Hazel, and it is marked by disappearances, jealousy and magic. When Harold comes to stay for a few days with the original cast from book 1, Aveline is thrilled and gives him a list of books to bring. Together they can solve the mystery and learn a bit more about the stone circle.

Haunting, thrilling and mysterious- this is one to read late at night with a torch!
I am also thrilled to see a third in this series- this is one series that definitely goes from strength to strength and will be treasured and shared!

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