Polly Pecorino, The Girl Who Rescues Animals by Emma Chichester Clark- The Blog Tour!

Polly Pecorino is a rescuer of animals- of all shapes, sizes and temperament. She is able to communicate with creatures and so knows how best to help them, rescue them or provide for them. Her work at the local zoo is much needed, especially since the Snells took it over.

The animals are unhappy, unmotivated and the zoo has an air of sadness and neglect to it. Polly and her Uncle Stan work tirelessly to keep it clean and to feed the animals but the Snells do not help at all.

Mrs Snell, in particular is rather evil and calculating. When a tiny bear cub is kidnapped for the zoo to be the next attraction, Polly and Stan know only trouble can follow. The town in which they live, Abbeville, is surrounded by high walls to protect the town from the bears who live in the forests. Widely known for their hunger for humans, the town lives in perpetual fear of an attack.

Booboo the baby bear is certainly drawing the crowds but the bears are nearing as well and they want their baby back. Polly, afraid for her town, makes a bold decision to rescue the baby and take him home to the forest. Here, she will face the bears and will learn quite a lot about them.

I loved reading this book, and the illustrations are enchanting- a perfect fit for this charming story. Polly is an admirable character, one who finds the courage to do the right thing. How many children would love to be able to chat to animals and understand their needs…what a brilliant concept.

I hope Polly will be back for more adventures!

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