Grandpa Frank’s Great Big Bucket List by Jenny Pearson

Classic Pearson humour, wit and charm, surrounding more sensitive issues around family and money worries.

Written by Jenny Pearson, Illustrations by David O’Connell, Publishing February 2022 by Usborne

Frank is named after his Dad, who is named after his dad, and so on down the ancestry line. This shared name will prove to be a lucky thing for the youngest Frank, as he inherits nearly half a million pounds from a step grandmother he never knew he had. The money is expected to be spent on a grandfather he never knew he had.

Having an unstable family life and no friends has Frank looking for reasons to escape his home life and dive into a project. This project is a grumpy, and surprisingly hairy old man, named Frank. The grandfather he never met. Perhaps not just a project but a hopeful search for stability and family and ultimately, love and attention.

Resistance to Frank Jr Jr’s bucket list idea is just one of the hurdles met in this fantastic celebration of life and family. Frank is overly keen to impress his Grandfather and ensure he has the ultimate experiences, everything from swimming with Dolphins (not what you are thinking), to parkour and hot air balloon rides. Frank’s resistance can be understood given the circumstances but he soon warms to Frank Jr Jr and they soon come to appreciate and look forward to these times together.

Touching on elements of dementia, this is done with humour and a deeper understanding throughout. There are moments, when Frank Sr is lost inside a memory or forgets how to get home, that might seem heartachingly familiar to some. It is all cautiously and caring lay written.

Of course I laughed and cried all the way through, brining back fond memories of her previous titles having had the same effect on me.

I look forward to more from Jenny Pearson!

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