Spooky Reads…

October brings cooler weather, darker evenings and spookier books! Here are just 3 spooky and thrilling reads to entertain your darker side!

Frankenstiltskin by Joseph Coelho and Freya Hartas, Published by Walker Books

Zombierella took the children’s book world by storm with its dark and dangerous twists and with death looming in the shadows. It turns out, we all love a dark and twisted fairy tale retelling. Cinderella will never be the same for me! Joseph Coelho’s Fairy Tales Gone Bad series is one to watch, as he re-creates our familiar tales and adds dangerous, spooky and thrilling twists.

Frankenstiltskin is a perfect blend of the stories of Frankenstein and Rumpelstiltskin. Elements of both stories shine through in this verse tale of Bryony, a taxidermist of unrivalled skill. She is able to stuff animals just as they would be seen in life but when the King asks her to bring them back from the dead, she enters into a dangerous world.

When offers of help come from a strange and withered creature, Bryony accepts or she will never see her father again. Time after time, the king requests animals to be brought to life but for what reason? The truth will out and Bryony will face an entirely new future. You might just be surprised! These are firm favourites with me and in school, with waiting lists to borrow each one! No pressure, Joseph Coelho, but we need more!

Revenge of the Beast by Jack Meggitt-Phillips and Isabelle Follath, Published by FarShore

The Beast and the Bethany was a dark comedic tale that I loved and was so excited to learn about Revenge of the Beast. There was no way this could be a stand alone, the reader had too many questions. Revenge of the beast picks up not long after the ending of the first book and we soon see our favourite familiar characters.

Bethany is still bossy but more determined than ever that people like her. Ebeneezer just wants a quiet life but this cannot be! Claudette seems to be suffering from some internal illness and she will need to fight determinedly to survive! De-beasting the house and their lives proves to be even more challenging than just selling off the house contents.

Trouble is brewing and someone is watching them all…hungrier than ever before! Dare I say it, but I think I like this one even more than the first. It is darker and more dangerous with the beast gone! Full of Jack Meggitt-Phillips irrepressible charm and wit, these books are delightfully dark and sinister! Roll on Book 3!

Escape Room by Christopher Edge, Published by Nosy Crow

I have long been a fan of Christopher Edge and having spotted Escape Room on Twitter, I was more than a little thrilled when a proof copy landed one day. Not brimming with patience, I immediately dived in. Believing she is signed up to play an Escape Room game, Ami is excited and slightly nervous about meeting her team for the day.

The Five Mind, their team name, soon get to grips with each other and the game begins. Their ultimate goal is to #FindtheAnswer #SavetheWorld. Within moments of beginning the game, Ami feels as though something is amiss and starts to question the game. Danger, destruction and a loss of team mates assures Ami that she is right to worry.

Each clue, room and challenge bring new elements and danger to the group and no one is safe! Twists, turns and complete gasping out loud moments will have the reader turning backwards and forwards in disbelief. So thrillingly written and enormous in its task, this book is fantastic! Will you accept the challenge and enter the Escape Room?

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