Once Upon a Tune by James Mayhew

Published by Otter-Barry Books

I thought it best to read each tale in this incredible book with the accompanying music that inspired it. The book asks you to imagine yourself in a theatre as the orchestra tune their instruments. Then as the lights dim, to lose yourself in the music and the story.

Heart and soul have clearly been poured into this book, from a love of the music to an appreciation of each story, James Mayhew has brought them to light for a new generation.

The illustrations truly take centre stage, as they should. They are captivating, imaginative and detailed. Having watched the launch, James Mayhew gave a rare glimpse into his studio where the floor is lined with paper, inks and books line the shelves and his absolute dedication to his craft is evident.

This book deserves a place on all school library shelves but it would make an absolutely amazing series of bedtime stories with the music softly playing in the background.

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