Picture Books About Books…

I think as a librarian I am always slightly obsessed with books anyway, but I find there is something extra lovely about a picture book written about a love of books and libraries. The four books today are so unique and lovely that I can’t wait to share them widely.

The Librarian’s Stories by Lucy Falcone and Anna Wilson, Published by POW

When a war rolls through town causing devastation and fear, one family live day to day, keeping quiet and eating what they can. They must queue for food, water and walk past hollowed out buildings where life used to thrive. One day, the family hear the librarian reading a book in the square, she is the rare source of light for the town. Dangerous in her actions, the librarian is determined to bring stories back to the war torn town and to provide hope for those left behind. Illustrated with darker colours to represent the sadness, fear and devastation of war, there are bright splashes of colour on each page that I feel provide hope. Another book with proof of just how wonderful sharing stories can be.

The Book No one Wants to Read by Beth Bacon, Published by Pushkin Children’s

This is a hilarious, interactive book geared to have readers laughing while convincing them to read. Book is the main character, speaking to the reader as they turn the pages and do all the book asks. Mischievous in its nature, readers will be rolling on the floor laughing at the antics. Teachers watching will be convinced the children are reading as they are asked to track the words, play games and make decisions. Bold in its design, colour and illustrations , this is such a fun book! From the same author as I Hate Books, these would be brilliant additions to any school.

The Bear and her Book by Frances Tosvedin and Sophia O’Connor, Published by UCLan Publishing

Bear embarks on an epic journey looking for adventure and to experience the wider world, armed with her trusty book! As she walks and meets new friends and places, Bear draws on the knowledge of her book, whether to help a crab, crocodile or lizard on her journey. The lyrical style of the text adds a mythical charm to this adventure and this is one book I adore as Bear finds her happy place! Her happy place is also any librarian or book lovers favourite spot too, a bookstore with the sequel to a much loved book. Bear no longer seeks adventure and journeys as she can have those from within the pages of all books.

Moose’s Book Bus by Inga Moore, Published by Walker Books

Moose loves telling stories to his family but when he needs a book to read, there are none. His neighbours and friends can’t help so Moose makes his way to a library and from there there buzz of reading grows amongst Moose’s community. Everyone is loving listening to Moose read stories night after night even though Mrs Moose is run off her feet making hot chocolates. A new solution must be found and Moose knows just what to do! This book is proof of just how quickly the love of books and reading can grow when led by someone with a passion for reading! Delightfully illustrated in soft colours, the entire forest comes alive as the reader visits each home.

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