Oh, Sir Bragalot! Blog Tour

Oh, Sir Bragalot is a fantastically fun story- perfect for sharing with young readers!

I am delighted to be part of the blog tour and to share a special video from Sharon Davey! Grab your pencils and get ready to see just how Sharon Davey creates Sir Bragalot!

My Review:

This enchanting book is a brilliant introduction to bragging and the consequences of too much bragging! Sir Bragalot is a knight of the round table but he seems to think he is bigger, better and stronger than any of the other knights. They have heard it all before and are bored, bored, bored!

When someone else is awarded a medal for bravery, Sir Bragalot just can’t take it…so when the opportunity to prove himself comes along- he is all to ready to be declared the best!

Or is he…

Fantastic illustrations add a true Camelot feel to the story and imaginations will soar as Sir Bragalot heads out on a brave and dangerous mission. I think parents and teachers will know just the right child for this story- the overwhelming message rings out across the land as to just how dangerous it can be to brag too much!

I loved it- it is as simple as that!!

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