The False Rose Blog Tour

Sally Jones is back and the children’s book world rejoices!

Admittedly, The Murderer’s Ape is a firm favourite and there was the worry that The False Rose would not live up to the wonder I felt when reading The Murderer’s Ape. However, I am pleased to report, The False Rose is an absolute joy to read. It was so great to be back with Sally Jones and read about her next unbelievable adventures.

When a valuable necklace is discovered aboard The Hudson Queen a dangerous adventure is about to begin with Sally Jones at the heart of it all. With the Chief away working, Sally Jones soon falls in with a brutal and ruthless gang in Glasgow. Her narration of the adventure and each incredible event that befalls her will hook readers immediately. These events are at times dangerous, sad and heart wrenching but Sally Jones is tough and has enough hope to get her through.

The descriptions and understanding of the characters Sally meets and introduces the reader to are brilliant and we come to trust Sally’s judgements on them, whether they are good or bad and whether we can trust them to do right by Sally. With mysteries to solve, plot twists and numerous characters, I was instantly transported to Sally’s tale and I did not want to say goodbye to her again.

The character illustrations are mesmerising and I found myself flipping back to each one as the character entered the scene. Jacob Wegelius is as talented an illustrator as he is author. I would love to see more from Sally Jones…

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