The City of Lost Dreamers Blog Tour

The cover of this book, brilliantly illustrated by Amy Grimes, just begs the reader to pick it up and dive in. Who are the lost dreamers? Is the city lost? Can they find their way? I had so many questions before I started reading and the answers were not what I was expecting.

Siya, has a lowly job at The Guild, a place of magic within her city of Shard. She is non magical and considered to be less important by her father, who is an important figure at The Guild. Years before she was born, Baba Yaga sentenced the city to wander off the map by tearing it into 3 pieces. Each piece would need to be found and reunited in order to restore Shard to the world.

Feodor, a magical boy, will become her ally in the quest for the map pieces. Their adventure is exciting, fraught with danger and goes against everything the know to be true. They will fight off dreygas, magic devouring creatures in their quest and will lead The Guild on a rather dangerous outing where a surprise awaits them.

I was gripped the entire way through the book- sneaking peeks at times to be sure it was safe to carry on. Needing to know what happened next but not sure I wanted to face the heart pounding action and potential for death that lurked just ahead.

Throughout the story and adventure, Feodor and Siya learn to trust each other, support each other and they develop feelings. Their quest is too dangerous to be intercepted by romance but it is there while they adventure on.

A brilliant book, prompting me to read more from Lisa Lueddecke.

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