The Girl Who Talked to Trees Blog Tour

Natasha and Lydia are a dream team in creating wonderful illustrated stories. I adored Eight Princesses and a Magic Mirror and the interwoveness of those tales. Having heard about their latest collaboration, I was immediately enchanted and desperate to read it.

It arrived on a Friday afternoon and by the evening I was fully lost in this forest of stories. Olive lives in a grand house yet spends most of her time with the trees in the vast gardens and woodlands surrounding her home. She adores her ancient oak tree in particular and feels as though it can talk to her through its rustling leaves, wind pushing through and in its peaceful quiet.

When her ambitious father wants to build a summer house Olive is distraught to learn it will come with the cutting down of her beloved Oak tree. Her father promises not to chop down the tree if Olive can convince him when he gets home in 7 hours. She has just hours before he will arrive home expecting her to answer him.

In those hours, Olive visits 7 trees and hears 7 stories of life, love and the importance of trees. Each story is enchanting and you feel, when reading, that the tree is actually speaking to you, encouraging you to listen, look and learn from each one. There are, of course, brilliant messages of friendship, environmental issues and speaking up to protect that which you love.

Olive is a gorgeous character, revering the trees she meets and promising to speak for them when the time comes.

I imagine reading one story each day for a week and then finding these trees in local parks and giving them a hug- just as Olive does.

Before each tree tells its story, there is a lovely double page spread sharing facts about the trees. This will find its permanent home next to Eight Princesses and a Magic Mirror in the hopes of another book from Natasha and Lydia. I loved it!

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