The Chime Seekers Blog Tour

Written by Ross Montgomery, Cover Illustration by David Dean, Published by Walker Books (4 November)

Ross Montgomery has done it again- written an utterly exquisite journey of the heart, perfect for brave adventurers. His style of writing beckons the reader in to become a character and to experience the story themselves. I have yet to read a book from Ross Montgomery that I don’t absolutely love.

Yanni is struggling to adjust to the changes around him! A new sister who has turned his parents into exhausted shells of themselves, a new house and soon, a new school . He is unhappy, angry, frustrated and unable to voice any of this.

When his parents go out to celebrate their anniversary, Yanni is left with cousin Amy and a very awkward situation. Brimming to the top with anger, and awkwardness, Yanni shouts at his sleeping sister and things take a turn for the faerie!

Lorde Renwin, a powerful and cruel faerie has taken Ari, Yanni’s sister and it is up to Yanni and Amy to get her back. Faerie tricks and wagers are the game to be played and Yanni soon realises he will do anything to get his sister back. Just when I thought Yanni had won Ari, there was another trick or something missed along the way. I could not stop reading until I reached the end!

Yanni needs to learn a lot about himself on this journey, about his heritage, love for his family and previously selfish choices. Amy, shy but surprisingly strong and wise, will certainly aid Yanni in his self discovery, and she too, may learn more about herself.

Thrilling, spooky and at times, heart wrenching, this is one that will have readers turning pages quickly to read what happens next.

This review was featured on Twinkl as part of their Great & Ghostly Guide to Halloween.

Just my own personal favourites here- but there are others and they are all amazing!!

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