The Secret of Splint Hall by Katie Cotton

Written by Katie Cotton, Publishing in March 2022 by Andersen Press

The war may be over but the scars, fears and damage are far from being distant memories. Flora and Isobel move to Splint Hall with their mother after their own home gets destroyed in a bombing. It is a large ancestral home where their Aunt Bea and her grumpy, foreboding husband now live.

Noises, mess and speaking in his presence are to be avoided and there is a pallor of fear over the entire household. Children being children, the girls explore the house and grounds finding mystery after mystery. The strange boy, secret doors and cars unloading large bags in the dead of night, are just the beginning of their adventure.

As the sisters learn more, they are completely surprised and at times in utter shock and disbelief- as is the reader! I love a book that keeps you guessing, where the answer is not the one you expect but something even more magical and wonderful that you hoped.

Wry and witty observations remind us to never underestimate children, especially the youngest ones!

A daring rescue, escape and battle will have readers devouring their way through this adventure. Fear plays a large role in this book, almost becoming a character itself. From the girls fear over their Uncle, to unexplored bombs and memories to fear over unknown dangers and standing up for what you believe in. Each character will face up to their own fear and to know just what I mean, you will need to read the book!

I thoroughly enjoyed this one and cannot wait to see the cover and plans that Andersen Press have for it! Congratulations Katie Cotton on a fantastical adventure…I will be re reading this one again!

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