Let’s Get Festive Blog Tour

This is festive blogging with a twist! We are here to spread a little Christmas cheer in the form of great books that are perfect for this time of year- the most wonderful (as the saying goes). Whether you feel festive or not, we hope these books will put you in the festive spirit! Over the next 12 days, in the run up to the big day, one blogger will share a festive favourite!

I volunteered to go first on this auspicious day as the books I want to celebrate need to be started on this very day!

How Winston Delivered Christmas

Winston is an adorable mouse with a huge heart. He is on a mission to deliver an important letter to Father Christmas after discovering it in the snow. His adventure will lead him on an epic journey, helped along by new friends and the kindness of the world around him. For me, it is the illustrations and imagination of this story that have captured my heart. Advent is a big deal in our home and this was the most perfect book for us.

2021 sees the return of Winston in a new advent book, How Winston Came Home for Christmas. Told in the same 241/2 chapters, we welcome Winston back for another Christmas adventure, this time with a mystery to be solved!

Two book covers on a snowy background: How Winston Delivered Christmas and How Winston Came Home For Christmas

The web link above will lead you to a page of activities and videos from Alex T. Smith- all worth a watch!

I make no secret of the fact that Alex T. Smith is a favourite in our home and an utter genius when it comes to writing and illustrating. These books are so gorgeous and have the true feeling of a Christmas Classic.

Both books are full of fun advent activities for the whole family from baking to making and everything in between!

How Winston Came Home for Christmas, Alex T. Smith, Macmillan Children's Books

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