The Forgotten Crown by James Haddell- Blog Tour

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The Arthurian legends are given a new lease of life within turn series written by James Haddell. Thoughtfully and carefully planned, this series is steeped in myth, both Welsh and Arthurian.

Tia is the key to the mysteries surrounding her own past but also to those involving the seven hallows of Arthur. In book one we meet Tia as she comes to terms with a new family and a terrifying man named Mr Silverman. He is after the same mystery as Tia but he is searching not for answers to his own past but for greed!

Life is still about the journey of discovery for Tia, sister Meghan and friend Pasco. I love these characters and their trust and faith in each other, as well as their desire to protect Tia. Tia is now calling The Trevelyan Family, Mum and Dad and while that still feels strange, she knows in her heart they will protect her no matter what! This family is gorgeous and accepting.

At times thrilling with traps and murder holes to heartwarming moments of family love, this book is wonderful. Ticking plenty of boxes in terms of brilliant settings, believable and relatable characters and a story that keeps the reader tuned in and guessing!

I will be searching the shelves for book 3 to see where this adventure leads Tia and Co. next.

Books One and Two can be bought directly from Emira Press via the link above! To hear James reading Chapter 1, use the link below!

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