How Does Chocolate Taste on Everest Blog Tour

On top of my review for this fabulous must have book for this Christmas, here is a brilliant video from author Leisa Stewart-Sharpe!

Written by Leisa Stewart-Sharpe, Illustrated by Aaron Cushley, Published by Hachette Children’s. Available Now!

How Does Chocolate Taste on Everest is a completely immersive book, bringing arm chair explorers to the most extreme places on Earth! Narrative in style, but full of facts, historical tidbits of information and all the senses explored, you will gain a huge understanding of these extreme parts of the world!

Let’s begin our journey by packing the essentials! Explorers need to ensure they are prepared, and on this journey with desert heat, mountain cold and ocean depths, there is much to prepare for. Don’t forget the chocolate…for as the title says, we want to find out what it tastes like on top of Everest!

This is a fascinating journey through parts of the world that have been explored but that still offer so much for those wanting to challenge themselves and see these wonders in person. Not for the feint of heart, these places require proper planning and extreme essentials. But from the comfort of my chair, I am entirely ready to dive in time and again.

There is so much to learn, not just from the sights, sounds and smells but from the history of each place, the explorers who have challenged themselves to reach these places, and from discoveries made along the way. As you read each page, you are introduced to explorers who are familiar and new ones to be inspired by. Your senses get used as you imagine the sights, sounds, smells, feels and tastes. There is also a fun postcard home to Mum, which adds an element of fun and love.

For me, on top of the wonderful facts, the illustrations by Aaron Cushley completely transport you to these places, none of which I will see in person. It was lovely to look and study each double page spread for the details and scenery. So much time and research was poured into this book and I can see it becoming a firm favourite in my home and schools.

It is a full 5 stars for me! Perfect as a class read aloud and it offers so much research potential for KS2! Not to mention tests for the senses as you explore each extreme place! I absolutely love this book!

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